Eve Salonen is a flamenco dancer from Finland who moved to Seattle in 2015. She is Founder & Director of Flamenco Boreal, and Co-Director of Espacio de Arte in Seattle.

Eve Salonen

Eve began her relationship with movement and dance in Finland as a young girl, focusing primarily on aesthetic group gymnastics. In addition to training and competing in aesthetic group gymnastics, she spent many years studying ballet technique and jazz dance. As her gymnastic career came to an end in her mid 20’s, Eve was swept away by flamenco.

It all began in high school, when Eve’s classmate who studied flamenco dance showed the art form to her. The seed was planted. Years later in 2006, after moving to Helsinki, Eve started taking flamenco lessons and it quickly became her main dance focus. She studied Flamenco as much as her full-time day job allowed.

She worked her way up to a semi-professional level and started working and performing with Finnish flamenco artists. Over the years, Eve has studied with many famous Spanish flamenco artists. She also served as a board member for Helsinki Flamenco Association for two years.

Now living in Seattle, Eve has made flamenco her profession. Always striving to improve and grow, she continues her Flamenco education both in the United States and Spain. Eve collaborates with many Seattle-based flamenco artists and groups, teaching and performing regularly. In 2019, Eve founded her flamenco school Flamenco Boreal, LLC and is a Co-Founder of Northwest Flamenco Academy, LLC that opened in 2024. Eve is also co-director of the non-profit organization Espacio de Arte, which is dedicated to promoting Seattle community access to the Spanish flamenco cultural traditions of dance, music and singing.