Eve specializes in the use of Flamenco props, such as the bata de cola skirt, manton (shawl) and abanico (fan). Information about classes below.

Learn the ART of flamenco

Eve is an energetic dancer and person, and an excellent and patient teacher, who encourages and pushes her students in very positive ways. Eve builds her talent and competence from a strong base of dance and body work techniques, and her method for teaching is based on these important fundamentals. In Eve’s class students learn and master flamenco dance techniques, as well as proper techniques when using Flamenco dance props. Her specialty is the bata de cola skirt. Eve makes sure each and every student understands movement fundamentals and that they are doing them correctly. Eve’s classes are super fun, but also demanding, and she encourages each and every student to embrace their individuality and personal style. Eve’s choreography highlights her strong, expressive signature style, incorporating modern Flamenco style movements.

Fall 2023 classes Monday September 11 – Thursday December 7.

To sign up, please contact Eve.

Fall 2023 class schedule (No classes during the week of Monday November 20-Sunday November 26)

Monday daytime classes
11am-12pm advanced bata de cola con manton technique 

12pm-12:30pm intermediate/advanced bata de cola technique intensive 

12:30pm-1:30pm intermediate/advanced: Maria Bermudez corraleras variation con bata de cola

Thursday evening classes

6:30pm-8pm adv.beginner/intermediate and up: back to basics flamenco dance technique of footwork, marcajes, técnica corporal, giros y vueltas

8pm-9:30pm back to basics: bata de cola technique and muscle strengthening, body conditioning and posture work for bata de cola

Pricing: $10/30 minute class, $20/60 minute class or $30/90 minute class when prepaid for the session, drop in $25/60 minute class or $35/90 minute class. 

All in-studio classes are being held at Flamenco Haven NW 4000 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, Unit C2. Ask for more details when signing up. Preferred payment options are Venmo and PayPal, details will be provided upon registration. 

Please contact Eve for more details or if you are interested in starting classes.